Fall 2015 Interactive 2 at California College of the Arts

This class happened in the past. This page hopes to surface what was most meaningful as time goes on. — Laurel


Class field trip to the Internet Archive
Class field trip to the Internet Archive


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Section 1

Laluna Chabbani
Gurleen Gill
Alfonso Martin
Ryan McSwain
Lynn Tian
Emely Vertiz
Kyoka Wu
Reaji Xue
Yaqi Zhang

Section 2

Lauren Abele
Mike Boyce
Kianna Carlisle
Tammy Chen
Jady Chuang
Janice Echevarria
Nally Gong
Yasmeen Khaja
Jared Kitade
Heike Kupp
Ashley Sabatino
Kelly Stuckey


Laurel Schwulst

Some Participant Work

25 Variations ("In the Summer") by Yasmeen Khaja
Workshop: Coding from Life
Workshop: Name Generator

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